Policy Servicing

Servicing Options

Your policy is one of the most valuable assets you own. Keeping your insurance policy in force will ensure that you or your family continue to receive the benefits.

Throughout the course of your policy ownership, LICI team is waiting to assist you with all your servicing needs.

Change of Payment Mode

Changes in payment mode may arise due to change of employment

Two main category of mode classification is:

  1. SSS Mode (Salary Saving Scheme) – direct deductions from salary either Weekly, Fortnightly, Bi-Monthly or Monthly
  2. Ordinary Mode - payment to our Cash Counter/transfer via bank either Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly or Yearly

You may convert your payment mode from SSS Mode to Ordinary Mode and vice versa

Premium payment should be up-to-date to effect change

- Service Requisition Form
- Copy of valid photo ID
- Copy of payslip (if changing from Ordinary to SSS)