Whole Life

Other Plans

Wealth Builder Plan- 612 /613 (A Perfect Gift to the Family you Love)

Unique Features- A perfect gift to the family you love and care, with very low premium and attractive bonus. The plan has the flexible premium payment facility for the policy term or for a limited period.

Need to Know:

  • Age Limit- Minimum: 18 years & Maximum: 60 years
  • Policy Term: 80 minus age at entry or 40 years
  • Plan 612- Regular Premium
  • Plan 613- Single Premium and Limited Premium Options

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Wealth Builder Classic (Plan 612)  

Premiums are paid throughout policy term until maturity

Wealth Builder Limited Payment (613)

flexibility in choosing one’s premium payment term in 5 or more annual premiums depending on age of entry

Wealth Builder Single Premium (Plan 613)

One has the choice of paying all the premiums under the policy in one Single Premium payment [lump sum]


Minimum age at entry


Maximum age at entry


Maximum maturity age

80 or 40 years premium term

Policy Term

80 minus age at entry or 40 years

Minimum sum assured


Maximum sum assured

No limit but is subject to the financial capacity of the customer

Rider benefits

Accident benefit rider which includes permanent disability & premium waiver benefits

Mode of premium payment

All modes allowed

LICI provides an extra benefit to its Whole Life policyholders – it treats the policy as matured as soon as the life assured crosses 80 years of age (subject to the condition that the policy must have completed at least 40 years from the date of commencement) and pays the sum assured plus bonuses vested till that date; the policy will be terminated on payment of the maturity value.

Basic Benefits

Death Benefit: Payment of the sum assured plus the vested bonuses on death of the life assured.

Maturity Benefit: Pays the sum assured plus bonuses vested till that date to the policyholder after his 80th year of age or after the policy has completed a minimum duration of 40 years from the commencement date, whichever comes later; the policy will be terminated on payment of the maturity value.

Optional Benefits

Accident Benefit Rider package (accidental death benefit plus total and permanent disability benefit plus premium waiver benefit).

Whereas, for Plan 613 Single Premium and 613 Limited Payment accident benefit rider package is available only during the premium paying term and not for the entire term of the policy.

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